New FBI Malware Scares OS X Users, Asks Them Money

OS X is known for not being vulnerable to malwares and similar stuff and Windows users are envious about it. This time, however, a ransomware (a type of malware that demands money to unlock your computer) with an FBI theme has made its way to Apple’s supposedly secure OS. The ransomware works by manipulating a browser’s (Safari) “restore from crash” functionality giving out a page that informs a user about violating the copyright laws involving illegal copying of software, music and video contents as well as watching pornographic contents online.For years, Windows users have been plagued by ransomware demanding several hundred dollars to unlock their computers.

A user’s PC will be blocked supposedly but the truth is the browser is the one being blocked  with the Trojan disabling the “restore” feature to prevent the page from being close permanently.  Ignoring the page does not close it,  closing it is futile either and using “force quit” will just resurrect the same page. The page asks a user to pay $300 under pain of losing the PC and criminal prosecution.  It simply means one needs to pay that amount in order to unlock the computer and restore things in normal fashion.

It’s a malicious cycle created by an “infinite loop” within a JavaScript code and the Trojan could have already victimized thousands of ignorant surfers.  The only remedy is to reset the Safari browser through its menu by clicking “Safari” and checking all options under it before clicking “Reset”.


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